Specialty Services

Hourly Services

Need something a little different than our basic visits? We offer Trail Walks, Crate Escapes, Late Night potty breaks, Nail Trims/Medical Assistance,  and Canine Massage services to add a little something extra to your pet's time with Bull City.

Trail Walks


90-min Trail Walks can be added to your pet sitting services for added enrichment. Each adventure includes your choice of trail, transport, a trail side snack, fresh water (not from a river or creek) and quick brush-down at the end.

Crate Escape


All the benefits of a 60-minute pet sit, plus time to enjoy more of their daily routines. Treat your pet to plenty of play time, cuddles, super long walks, basic grooming, dinner and a movie…A great alternative to overnight visits as a "tuck-in" service.

Canine Massage


Every dog deserves a massage and Bull City Pet Sitting has its own resident Board Certified Canine Massage therapist on staff.  Melissa is happy to meet with you for a consultation to discuss how massage could be of benefit to your pup (or cat, or goat or dragons!).

Nail Trim and Medication Assistance

Several of our pet care experts also have massive ninja skills in the nail trimming department and wooing pets into taking their medication.  Reach out if you need a little help!

Twilight Tinkle


Especially designed for pets that need that promise of a late last night potty break.  These are express visits in the 9:30-10 PM window.

Goldfish Service

$12 per visit

Are you currently between pets but would still like someone to visit your home? BCPS, is proud to offer our Goldfish Service. While you’re gone, we’ll pop in for a quick visit to rotate the lights, rattle your blinds, water the plants, say “HEELLLOOO??” really loudly, perform our best impersonation of a large dog barking, and if you have one, actually feed your fish. Basically, it’s a security check for your home… and fish. Fish security is serious business.