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So, You Want to Be a Professional Pet Sitter

Bull City Pet Sitting has been matching pet owners with pet sitters since 2010, and we would love to talk to you about joining the ranks of probably the best pet care team in town (that’s us!). Take a look at this list to see if our Professional Pet Sitting opportunity is a match for your need to snuggle Durham pets.

What We Need From You, Future Pet Sitter

  • First things first, you gotta be eligible to work in the US and at least 21 years of age.
  • You must live in our service area. You can’t drive in 3x/day. Trust us on this one.
  • Have a reliable and insured vehicle and a deep love of driving and parking.
  • People trust us in their homes and that’s a really big deal to us. Please have no record of larceny or felony convictions. We check.
  • You are someone who is detail-oriented but able to go with the flow now and then, someone who can follow instructions carefully yet make good decisions in a pinch, someone who can work independently but who is also able to reach out for help, when needed. You are a dog walking paradox.
  • You must be able to work on a somewhat irregular schedule, one that includes weekends and holidays. Please say you don’t travel often.
  • You may be a cat person and we won’t hold it against you. But are you also comfortable handling large (non-aggressive) dogs (80+ lbs)? Can you walk 2 dogs at a time?
  • If you had dreams of being a big city pack walker, this is not the gig for you. We give every pet individualized care.
  • Part of the responsibility of being a pet sitter or a dog walker is cleaning up after the pet you are caring for. We have to clean up poop, pee and vomit on the regular. It’s not super fun, but you get used to it. A high gag threshold is a major plus.
  • While working outside in the spring and fall is glorious, working during hot NC summers and cold, wet NC winters is not. Please take the good with the bad.
  • Think you can walk a dog for 20 minutes? Then another dog for 20 minutes? Then another, etc? Interested in getting a nice set of gams? Well, we have a job for you!
  • We use a web-based program for every aspect of our business: scheduling, client profiles and instructions and accounting. You’ll be lost (probably literally) without access to this app.
  • This job moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop to check your emails once in a while, you could miss something. You gotta check email and voicemail, and send/receive text messages often.
  • Building trusting, long-term relationships with our client family is so important to us. We sure hope you are not afraid of commitment.

Here’s What You Get In Return

  • The schedule can be flexible. This is an industry with a high burnout rate so Bull City Pet Sitting works hard (so hard) to make sure our sitters have a work/life balance.
  • We have 20 years of dog walking, cat sitting and alarm-arming skillz. We want to pass these on to you, grasshopper.
  • Death before Polos. We don’t care what you wear or how you do your hair as long as you wear supportive shoes and sunscreen.
  • Generous commissions. We know our sitters are our most valuable resource and we pay them a Living Wage.
  • The best views from the office.
  • Opportunities to grow with the company in new and exciting ways! (spoiler: it has to do with pets)
  • All the pets, all the time. We can set you up with the best pets in Durham. We have connections.

So, Are You Still Interested?

If you are ready to learn more about becoming part of the Bull City Pet Sitting team, please complete the simple application below and press that button. But take a moment before you make any rash decisions. There is no before, only after. Pet sitting is a lifestyle and it’s not for everyone. But if you want a new adventure every day, you’re already one of us. So, welcome, friend.

Let’s do this thang.