Pet Education

Yelling "No" Doesn't Work

Understanding Your Pets Behavior Does

Some of our favorite resources for your pet’s care, training, and socialization with a focus on promoting positive methods, common courtesy, and responsible ownership.

We clearly have a real soft spot for worried dogs and cats.

Dog Stuff

How Dogs Communicate
Positive Training
The D Word
Stop an Approaching Off-Leash Dog
Dog-Dog Interactions
Be Your Dog’s BFFF (best fur-less friend forever)
Dogs and Kids
Are You Ready for a LTR? Let’s Find Your New Best Friend!
Worried, Shy, Fearful, Reactive, Anxious (still very loved) Dogs
American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) Position Statements
Gear We Love and Recommend

Cat Stuff

How Cats Communicate
Helping Your Cat be his or her Best Cat
Your Cat’s Secret Life: Hobbies, Interests and Enrichment
Medical Care
Introductions (you can’t hurry love)
Lots more to come!