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Runner-up for Best Note-Writer, 3 Months and Counting

AKA: Sho Sho
I’m in charge of: asking questions you never thought of
Since: I learned I’m a social animal
Sign: Scorpio
Breed: As big and fluffy as possible
My Fur Family: is my whole heart
My Favorite Walk: Penny’s Bend
My Favorite Place to Nap: my next lifetime
My Favorite Treat: shared glances
My Favorite Game: challenge an assumption I have
Best Toy Ever: public library card
Best Thing to do on a Sunny Day: lake swimmin’
Best Thing to do on a Rainy Day: porch sittin’
Best Gift Ever: slippers
Life Philosophy: try as many different life philosophies as you can
If I could say one thing to the whole world: that’s waaaay too much pressure
The Animal I Fear Most: other humans
My Super Power would be: microscopic vision
Favorite Movie: I don’t choose favorites on principle
I collect: stories I can use as small talk
Everyone should read: whatever they want
I am a Geek when it comes to: pop psychology
Favorite Bad Movie: anything MST3K deems worthy of their time