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BCPS North Durham Rookie of the Year!

AKA: Nikki or Nikita
I’m in charge of: Keeping furry friends happy. AT ALL TIMES.
Since: Summer 2018
Sign: Sagittarius
Breed: rescues until my beagle found me!
My Furry Family: Dixie- 7 years young blue tick beagle also pictured Rebel (new addition)
My Favorite Walk: Eno river park trails!
My Favorite Place to Nap: Inside with freezing cold AC
My Favorite Treat: Duck Donuts
Best Toy Ever: tug rope
Best Thing to do on a Sunny Day: lay by the pool
Best Thing to do on a Rainy Day: binge watch Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix
My Super Power would be: Teleportation— cuts down travel time
Life Philosophy: “Life has no remote… get up and change it yourself!” – Mark Cooper
If I could say one thing to the whole world: Be kind to everyone, you never know what someone is going through.
The Animal I Fear Most: Spiders!!! AHH!
I am a Geek when it comes to: I feel I’m more of a nerd than a geek but def nerd out about scientific journals
Favorite Recent Movie: Ready Player One

Nikki is pictured with her dogs, Dixie and Rebel.