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Since: January 2019

Sign: Sagittarius and it fits.

Breed: All of them. If I have to choose one, English Golden Retriever or any lovable fur monster that can wear me out on a run or the trails.

My favorite walk: Anything on a trail or surrounded by nature.

Favorite past time: Hiking, climbing, or anything else that involves the mountains.

Favorite people: My sons, Michio Kaku, Terence McKenna, Aaron Swartz, and my fantastic friends and family of course.

Most feared animal: Spiders, but only when they are on me by surprise and I have to do the spidey dance.

Life philosophy: Question everything. Independent Research. Personal responsibility. Move on.

My super power: Mind reading

Thing I miss the most: Floating down to earth in complete silence with a parachute hanging above me.

What fictional character are you? Roland Deschain of Gilead

Must read book: Creature from Jekyll Island, by G. Edward Griffin