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Number Minuets Spent Watching of Videos of Prairie Dogs Eating Tiny Food


Cats Masterfully Petted Without Injury


Alarms Successfully Disarmed

BCPS 1994 Foosball Champion

AKA: K, KareBear
I’m in charge of: snuggles, walkies, and compliments
Since: Autumn 2016
Sign: Pisces, both sun and moon; Chinese symbol – rat (oh so clever!)
Spirit Animal: Dragonfly (despite it not actually being an “animal”)
Breed: Pitbull: Protective, Intelligent, Tender, Brave, Underestimated, Loyal, and Loving
My Furry Family: Elsie – my 10-yr. old pittie mix (mixed with possibly beagle? she looks like Snoopy on steroids); Lulu, Rosie-Posie, Miss Violet, and Nigel – kitties; Mabel – hamster
My Favorite Walk: along any beach in winter
My Favorite Treat: brownies om nom nom!
My Favorite Game: Jenga
Best Thing to do on a Sunny Day: be outside!
Best Thing to do on a Rainy Day: curl up with a good book or a movie and some wine
Best Gift Ever: the trust of an animal
My Super Power would be: eradicator of others’ pain
Life Philosophy: Be kind.
If I could say one thing to the whole world: Be kind.
The Animal I Fear Most: flying squirrels and red pandas (kidding), actually mountain lions and bears (oh my?) – I love camping, so…
I collect: quotes

Karin is pictured with her dog, Elsie