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Elder of Camp BCPS

AKA: Ha! As if I’d share my aliases publicly.
I’m in charge of: walking, spoiling and loving dogs. And sometimes cats. Minus the walking.
Since: March 2012
Sign: Taurus
Breed: Lab mix, I have tons of energy and am easily distracted.
My Furry Family: Domino is a bossy black and white cat who rules the upstairs with an iron paw and Dunkel (a black and white lab/pit mix) and Maibock (a brindle boxer/hound mix) are high energy dogs who keep me active, usually followed by some snuggle time on the couch.
My Favorite Walk: a new neighborhood every day.
My Favorite Place to Nap: naps are for the weak.
My Favorite Treat: mint chip ice cream.
My Favorite Game: Merchants and Marauders.
Best Toy Ever: Laser pointer. Dunkel and Domino both try to chase it while simultaneously avoiding each other.
Best Thing to do on a Sunny Day: brew a batch of beer in the backyard with my husband, Jesse.
Best Thing to do on a Rainy Day: baking adventure time! Will it be cookies? Will it be bread? Will it be edible? Let’s find out!
Best Gift Ever: the Dyson DC41 Animal, our most-used wedding gift.
My Super Power Would be: flight. And probably super-strong skin, organs and skeletal so I could fly at crazy speeds without liquefying myself.
Life Philosophy: Have a meticulous memory for the good things and an absentminded memory for the bad ones.
If I Could Say One Thing to the Whole World it Would be: *stutter incoherently in stage fright*
The Animal I Fear Most: sharks with laser beams.

Renee has forgot more about beer than you'll ever know.