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Bull City Pet Sitting is dedicated to science-based, positive dog training and bonding practices. Jen completed the Will and Lena Photo Bomb of the Year CATCH Canine Trainer’s Academy program and is a certified professional dog trainer (CPDT-KA). She also apprenticed under Jane Marshall at Cheery Dogs and enthusiastically shares her knowledge with the entire BCPS team. Our clients benefit from our advanced skills and feel fortunate partnering with us as more than just dog walkers or cat sitters. Putting our training into practice with your pets elevates all of our benefits. Dog and cat sitting is constantly exciting for us and your pets! And who knows, maybe Fido will learn some loose-leash walking skills while we’re at it.

If you’re unfamiliar with positive reinforcement dog training, please take a moment to review this wonderful article from the Human Society.

Positive reinforcement training uses praise and/or treats to reward your dog for doing something you want him to do. Because the reward makes him more likely to repeat the behavior, positive reinforcement is one of your most powerful tools for shaping or changing your dog’s behavior. Read more here…

We’re proud members of the Pet Professional Guild and we believe in NO PAIN, NO FEAR. We prefer to avoid the use of choke chains, prong collars, shock collars or any other pain or fear based methods of working with your dog (or cat!). Martingale collars, harnesses, flat buckle harnesses, and properly fitted head collars are acceptable.
We’re so passionate about this, we’ll loan you a front-attachment Easy Walk harness, help you adjust it to your dog and give you some leash walking tips. If you love it, you can buy it for cheap. No judgments, just positive reinforcement.