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Bellies Rubbed


Houseplants killed


grouchy cats befriended

BCPS Executive Belly Rubs Manager

AKA: just Stacey (with an “ey”)
I’m in Charge of: Downtown and around
Since: 2018
Sign: Taurus (Bull City forever!)
Breed: The bigger the better!
My Furry Family: Anais, German Shepherd puppy and Gwen, a cat who is mostly not a jerk
My Favorite Superhero: Tied between iron man for his intelligence and Thor because, well, have you seen him?
My Favorite Hike: Duke Forest
If I Could, I Would: Be on my way to the mountains
Best Toy Ever: Wiggly Giggly Ball. It’s wiggly, giggly, annoyingly funny!
The Animal I Fear the Most: Velociraptor. Those dinosaurs are hard core!
Favorite Concert: Barry Manilow. Seen him 3 times so far. I’m a fanilow!
Yummiest Treat: Icing. I would probably eat cardboard it if had icing on it but you didn’t hear that from me.
Words to Live By: While you’re at home holding a grudge, the other guy is out dancing.


Stacey is pictured with her sweet Alyse.