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BCPS Rookie of the Year 2018

Sign: sun sign Virgo, moon sign Libra
Breed: I say American Bulldog, my girlfriend says English Bulldog, unquestionably some kind of bulldog
My Furry Family: a 5 year old American/Olde English Bulldog mix, Abby; a 3 year old Boston Terrier/pit mix, Starla; and a 9 year old sassy little tuxedo cat, Robin
My Favorite Walk: in the woods near the Eno
My Favorite Place to Nap: in my recliner, with the TV on and a 60lb dog on my lap
My Favorite Game: wrestling with my two bullies
Best Thing to do on a Sunny Day: hit up a swimming hole or the beach
Best Thing to do on a Rainy Day: marathon Netflix while suffocating under all three pets (let’s be real, this is every night)
I am a Nerd When it Comes to: variations on Rubik’s cubes, Star Trek Voyager
The Animal I Fear Most: deep sea marine life
Everyone Should Read: more female writers
Favorite Bad Movie: Death Race 2000 (but really, it’s not bad)
Hayden is pictured with both of his bully mixes; his cat was not interested in joining.