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Hours Spent Porching It


Number of Cat Memes Posted This Week

BCPS Literal Drama Queen

AKA: Pinky
I’m in charge of: big, toothy dog grins
Since: 2019
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Breed: English Bull Terriers!
My Furry Family: Irving the English Bull Terrier, Kaspar Hauser the Ginger Tabby Bachelor, and Thora The Penny Cat
My Favorite Walk: Through the woods: plenty of shade, trees, breezes, and silence
My Favorite Place to Nap: In bed!
Favorite Treat: My guilty pleasure is midnight chocolate grocery store cake after a music gig
Best Thing to Do on a Sunny Day: Either swimming or shading it
Best thing to Do on a Rainy Day: Porch it, reading poetry or a novel, or Couch it with a good movie or foreign tv series
Animal I Fear Most: I respect but don’t like a spider anywhere near me
I Collect: Costumes. NOT on purpose. I run a theater company and the things you collect…
I’m a Geek when it Comes to: Acting Theory. I’m an actor and teacher and I could talk acting ALL DAY.
Favorite Movie: Impossible task you set before me.
Best Gift Ever: My house!!
My Super Power Would Be: Shape-shifting
Life Philosophy: Relish the unclarified moments. Be wrong, be surprised, be incorrect, be imperfect. Those are the times you are truly, authentically yourself.