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BCPS Holiday Party Wild Card

AKA: Principal Little
I’m in charge of: tummy rubs
Since: 2018
Sign: Gemini
Breed: Love ’em all!
My Furry Family: Harold Louise 10 years old girl cat.
My Favorite Walk: In the woods
My Favorite Place to Nap: Recliner
Favorite Treat: Anything Chocolate
Best Thing to Do on a Sunny Day: Work in the garden (although I’m a recent transplant to NC so…)
Best thing to Do on a Rainy Day: Cuddle with my cats
Animal I Fear Most: Snakes
I Collect: Nothing. I’m working on downsizing!
I’m a Geek when it Comes to: turning off lights.
Favorite Movie: Black Panther
Best Gift Ever: Every day
My Super Power Would Be: Invisibility!
Life Philosophy: Be kind.
If I Could Say One Thing to the Whole World: Be kind and look at situations from multiple perspectives