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Crickets Sacrificed at the Iguana Alter


Turtles Masterfully Walked… Slowly


Longest Ball Throw (Feet)

BCPS Lead Turtle Wrangler

AKA: Alex
I’m in charge of: Learning, loving, cuddling, and occasionally worrying too much
Since: Fall 2016
Sign: Scorpio
My Furry Family: Currently the caretaker of the Cat (she is Effanineffable- cf. T.S. Eliot’s “The Naming of Cats”)
My Favorite Place to Nap: Anywhere familiar, quiet, and warm
Best Gift I Have Received: A home in Durham, amongst good friends
Life Philosophy: “Gnothi seauton,” or “know thyself.”
I am a Geek when it comes to: Philosophy, literature, and film
Everyone Should Read: It is hard to choose one. Perhaps ‘Leaves of Grass’ by Walt Whitman
I collect: Books and good conversations

Alexandra is pictured with The Cat.