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BCPS CEO of Canine Massage Therapy

I’m in charge of: feel good rubs and ear scratches
Since: 2016
Sign: Aries/Taurus Cusp
Breed: German Shepherd
My Furry Family: Atlas (Border Collie/Shepherd mix); Cassius (Boxer/Dane mix); Ella (Staffordshire Terrier);
Jasper (Italian Greyhound/Chi); Lucy Liu (Biggest 5lb Chihuahua ever born); Lylee and Amadeus orange cat siblings
My Favorite Walk: Beach at sunset
My Favorite Place to Nap: In my bed with clean sheets
My Favorite Treat: Cheesecake with cherries
My Favorite Game: the Ungame
Best Toy Ever: Brenda Breyer Horses
Best Thing to do on a Sunny Day: Swim and nap under an umbrella
Best Thing to do on a Rainy Day: Clean and organize
Best Gift Ever: My family
My Super Power would be: Time travel
Life Philosophy: Keep moving forward
If I could say one thing to the whole world: Be a lover not a fighter
The Animal I Fear Most: A wild turkey (don’t ask!)
I collect: Bowls
I am a Geek when it comes to: Science
Everyone should read: Written on the Body, Jeanette Winterson
Favorite Bad Movie: Adventures in Babysitting