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Meet Bull City Pet Sitting | Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers in Durham, NC | Bull City Pet Sitting
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About Us

About Bull City Pet Sitting

Bull City Pet Sitting was founded in 2009 by professional pet sitters, Jennifer Thornburg and Heather Brown to provide professional personalized dog walking and pet sitting for working professionals and busy families. Since day one, Bull City Pet Sitting has worked to create awesome pet sitting and dog walking experiences for dogs, cats and all manner of critters in Durham, North Carolina.

By treating each pet like our own pet and each pet parent like our favorite neighbor, we’re making life better for pets and their people. We’re the friendly neighbor you don’t have to feel guilty about asking for help.

Heather and Jennifer have moved on from BCPS, and Stacey Harris continues to uphold the values established a decade ago. Although we’re definitely pet specialists, we also know pet people and we know what’s important to them: giving their pets the very best in terms of love and care.

Sometimes things like work and travel can get in the way. That’s where Bull City Pet Sitting comes to the rescue. From dog walking to pet sitting to cat sitting to house sitting to just plain old sitting and petting, we offer everything the home alone dog and cat (or pig, or emu…) would like.

BCPS Leadership

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