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Unlike some companies, Bull City Pet Sitting will never offer discounts or pay for reviews. We encourage customers to leave reviews for us, both good and bad. We know no one is perfect, but we believe companies  should be judged on how they handle their mistakes. At BCPS, we strive to do the best job possible, and if we mess up, we own it! We own it and we fix it. We’re not just great pet sitters, we focus on great customer service.

We first heard of Bull City Pet Sitting through word of mouth and discovered they are the diamond in the dogwalking/petsitting business! We have a shy, anxious dog whom requires special attention, and Heather and Jen immediately knew how to handle her. They went at her pace, and were very upfront about their expectations – even telling us that it may not work out if they were unable to gain her trust. Luckily, by giving Nina the individualized attention she required, they gained entrance into her ‘circle of trust’ and are now some of her favorite people. Heather and Jen have been so encouraging that they gave us the confidence to formally train Nina and she continues to make great progress. Their expertise and obvious caring nature is evident in every interaction, email, and phone call we’ve had with them.
Jen & Nikki

Jen and Heather have been pet-sitting for my Yorkie, Max, for almost 8 years. They’re great! On the weekend, I do believe Max misses seeing his walking buddy. It is remarkable what a difference that midday walk makes in his demeanor and energy level. It’s not just about him, though. It’s comforting to know someone is around the house during the day. I also appreciate how willing they are to adjust the schedule when my work or travel plans change. The price is very reasonable for the benefits: peace of mind for me and extra exercise and cuddles for my dog.
Tracy C.

These guys are awesome. I travel a good deal for work, and they’re always very helpful in getting my pup the walks she needs. Flexible, responsive, friendly and very good with my dog. Highly recommended!
Blair R.

We’ve trusted the team at Bull City Pet Sitting for at least three years–we have a golden doodle–and Jen and Heather have become part of HER pack.You know dog lovers when you see them, and that’s what made us fans of Bull City Pet Sitting. You have to have that dog chemistry!We’ve frequently called on short notice for mid-day visits (and have always been cheerfully accommodated), and have asked for pickups from the kennel and daycare which were handled without a hitch. And, the report cards are great—we love reading them.My husband and I highly recommend Bull City Pet Sitting for whatever your pet sitting needs are–they are highly dependable and a good team.
Eileen S.

I love Bull City Pet Sitting. I never worry about my dogs when I travel because I know the best pet sitters in Durham are taking care of them. I love the personal notes waiting for me when I return. And, I love that they stay overnight and snuggle with my dogs so they will not be lonely while I’m gone. I really hate to leave them, but it’s much easier knowing they are going to receive the same level of love and care that I give them from my friends at Bull City Pet Sitting.
Lori H.

Bull City Pet Sitting is amazing!
First, they come to your house and meet your furry family and show you their binder of proof of insurance and other important things you may or may not remember. Next, they come to your rescue when you lock yourself out of your house because they have your key. (Please don’t abuse this! It only happened once; I promise!) Then, when you go out of town, they feed, walk, and cuddle with the cuties you left behind. They even send you texts and picture messages, and if your pet is extra adorable, they’ll post a picture on Facebook! Finally, you come home to a little report about how everything went and how much they enjoyed taking care of your animal(s). Needless to say, Bull City Pet Sitting is fantastic and well worth the (reasonable) price!
Nina B.

Loyal and completely satisfied customer for 5 years! Nothing but excellent care for our (now senior) golden retriever from both Heather and Jennifer. In addition, Jennifer suggested we switch to an Easy-Walk harness to replace the prong collar we were using. Our boy loved it! No more pulling or pinching. 5 stars!
Shelley C.

Molly and Missy love us to go out of town- because then they know their friends are coming! We go away knowing our babies will be fine–medication will be given on time (very important if you are diabetic like Missy) and Molly will have had plenty of outdoor time. It is wonderful to know that we can always depend on Heather and Jen.
Babs W.

If you are like me, your animal is your child. BCPS first started visiting our home when our doggie was still a puppy. A rambunctious, crazy, full of energy puppy that had to pee frequently. The proprietors, Jen and Heather, came by our house to meet with us and the pup in person. They explained how their service operated and we apologized for our puppy trying to launch herself into their laps and lick their faces. It’s almost 18 months later and we still love having this service.
They always email you to confirm. Our dog loves the walker that comes by. They try to keep the walker consistent so your doggie gets accustomed to the same person I suppose. We have them walk our dog with our neighbors, if the scheduling works. The best part, they leave a note after every visit to let you know the important things (like bathroom habits, etc.) and that they spent time with your pet.
We have also had them stay at our house to watch our doggie when we are out of town. I cannot say how much this service offers piece of mind for me. I get anxiety leaving my dog at the boarders when I am on long trips, having BCPS stay at the house removes that anxiety. Plus, someone is coming and going from our house.
I cannot say enough great things about BCPS. If you are looking for people to treat your pet like they would treat their own, then these are the people for you.
Kelly L.