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Services - Bull City Pet Sitting
Call Us: (919) 740-7481



Hourly Services

In addition to Dog Walking and Pet Sitting, Bull City Pet Sitting offers additional services to help enrich your pet’s life. Hover over an image below to learn more.

Vacation Pet Sitting

Bull City Pet Sitting offers vacation pet sitting. From early morning visits to last-outs, we can cover a full range of time frames. From cats, rats, chickens, cows and hamsters, if it has a bottom (or gills) we can sit it.

Mid-Day Dog Walking

Worried your pet doesn’t get enough stimulation through the day? Well, worry no more! We offer 25-minute or 45-minute private, individual walks to maximize the exercise, fresh air and dog-to-walker bonding each day.

Trail Walks

Our premiere dog walking service is the first in the area to offer Trail Walks on Durham’s carefully selected, dog-friendly trails. 90-min Trail Walks can be added to your pet sitting services for added enrichment.

The Crate Escape

All the benefits of a 60-minute pet sit, plus time to enjoy more of their daily routines. Treat your pet to plenty of play time, cuddles, super long walks, basic grooming, dinner and a movie…