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Pet Education - Bull City Pet Sitting
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Pet Education

Pet Education

Some of our favorite resources for your pet’s care, training, and socialization with a focus on promoting positive methods, common courtesy, and responsible ownership.
We clearly have a real soft spot for worried dogs and cats.

Dog Stuff

How Dogs Communicate
Jean Donaldson and her pals created iSpeak Dog, a ginormous reference for dog communication and so much more
Victoria Stilwell’s thorough and well-organized take on canine body language
Whoa! Look at all this dog-speak info. from Eileen and Dogs. Eileen Anderson is a superstar.
The Spectrum of Fear, Anxiety and Stress from the Fear-Free folks. Love them.

Positive Training
Jean Donaldson on compulsion training methods- Talk Softly and Carry a Carrot, Not a Stick
Lisa Mullinax explains some common misconceptions about positive reinforcement
When you Catch Your Dog Doing Something Good and reward her for it, she’ll do it more often
The magic formula you need to know about positive training right this very moment. Nailed it, Jake Buvala.

The D Word
The Association of Pet Dog Trainers’ (APDT) position statement on dominance and dog training.
Learning Dog Training From Television? This site pulls back the curtain.
Dr. Patricia McConnell, explains what dominance is and isn’t
Dominance and “whispering” from Dr. Sophia Yin

Stop an Approaching Off-Leash Dog
Off-leash dog safety by those DINO folks. Love them!
Dr. Patricia McConnell’s methods for stopping an approaching dog 
Jessica Dolce has all the answers for stopping off-leash dogs in their tracks

Dog-Dog Interactions
Bad Rap’s Dog/Dog Tolerance levels in adult dogs
Why not the Dog Park? by Diamonds in the Ruff
Trail Etiquette for hiking with dogs by Nancy Tanner

Be Your Dog’s BFFF (best fur-less friend forever)
Petting dogs and the importance of consent from Paws Abilities
Jessica Dolce’s Stand up for your dogs. Yasss.

Dogs and Kids
Expert support for families with dogs can be found at Family Paws Parent Education
(pdfs: Dog and Baby Safety, Dog and Toddler Safety, 5 Types of Supervision, Success Stations)
I feel lucky to have Colleen Pelar’s parenting secrets for Living with and Kids and Dogs
The Family Dog’s Stop the 77 video. You’ll never see kids and dogs the same way again
Keep flipping through The Family Dog channel for more educational videos (and laughs)
Lisa Edwards has these fantastic go-to commands to teach dogs living with kids

Are You Ready for a LTR? Let’s Find Your New Best Friend!
Dogs Out Loud on expectations of adoption I Need to Return this Dog
Diamonds in the Ruff ask Are You Ready for a Dog in Your Life?
How Not to Pick a Rescue Dog – an excellent article by Grisha Stewart
Jen from DOL on the first days home So, You’ve Brought Home a New Dog

Worried, Shy, Fearful, Reactive, Anxious (still very loved) Dogs
Dogs in Need of Space– DINOS are good dogs, they just need space
Diamonds in the Ruff talk about SocializationTreat & Retreat and Thresholds. So very important
The Myth of “Reinforcing Fear” a lecture by Suzanne Clothier with bonus links
A helpful heap of reactive dog info called Leash Gremlins Need Love Too from Dogs Out Loud

American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) Position Statements
Positive Vet Visit Position Statement
Dominance Position Statement
Punishment Position Statement
Puppy Socialization Position Statement
How to Choose a Trainer Handout
Breed Specific Legislation Position Statement
AVSAB Response Statement to Cesar 911

Gear We Love and Recommend
Front-attachment harnesses like the Freedom Harness, Balance Harness or Easy Walk Harness
A good 6-ft leash so you can give your dog room to sniff on your walk
6-in-1 Kurgo leash for more freedom or less, as needed
Phydeaux has the best leash sleeves to nicely let folks know that you’re not down with on-leash greetings
Squishy Face Walking Belt is great for hands-free walking and training

Cat Stuff

How Cats Communicate
Alley Cat Allies has a nice guide to Cat Body Language.
The Spectrum of Fear, Anxiety and Stress from the Fear-Free folks. Love them.

Helping Your Cat be his or her Best Cat
The PPG recommends meeting your cat where he is

Your Cat’s Secret Life: Hobbies, Interests and Enrichment
Best Friends has some good ideas for Cat Enrichment
More sweet tips for keeping boredom at bay by Fundamentally Feline.

Medical Care
Ingrid Johnson’s medicating techniques are as positive as it gets
Only Dr. Sophia Yin could train a cat to love injections or actually enjoy the vaccination clinic

Introductions (you can’t hurry love)
What to do/not to do cat intros and dog intros from Ingrid Johnson
Best Friends knows that when it comes to cats and dogs, slow and steady desensitization is key
Everything about cat-dog intros from Positive Cattitudes

Lots more to come!