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Gift Certificates - Bull City Pet Sitting
Call Us: (919) 740-7481

Gift Certificates

Bull City Pet Sitting Gift Certificates

Why would you hire a professional pet sitter for friends? The reasons are limitless!

  • Do you have friends who’re having a baby? You know they’ll never sleep again. Let us take the responsibility of walking ole’ Spot so the proud parents can focus on the baby!
  • Did your cousin break their ankle? On it!
  • Brothers birthday? We’re there.
  • So, your sister just bought the newest Grand Theft Auto game, thus ensuring that she doesn’t see daylight for at least a week? We’re scooping that littler box.
  • Best friend got dumped? We’ll bring the cheesecake and a leash!

Nothing says, “dude, I love you” like easing the burden of picking up poop! And like Shatner, we let you name your own price. So, from “dude, I kinda like you” to “omg dude, I freaking love you”, we have you covered.

How does this work?

Step one: Complete the form below.

Step two: We’ll send a confirmation email that includes a link to PayPal to make a payment.

Step three: Once payment is complete, we’ll email confirmation and contact the lucky person to schedule their services. Their account will be credited the entire purchase amount which they can use for any of our services.
Step four: ??
Step five: Profit!

Would you like to leave a message for the recipient?
Please provide a total in whole dollars. For example "25" or "100". Do not include cents and dollar signs (2.75 or $2.75).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why must we use PayPal?

Our fancy schmancy scheduling system doesn’t include a gift card system. With that said, we assure you that PayPal is safe and secure.

Can I get a refund?

All sales are final, so make sure your buddy actually has a pet.

Do these gifts expire?

Lord no. They’ll stay on the recipient’s account until it’s used.