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Crate Escape - Bull City Pet Sitting
Call Us: (919) 740-7481

Crate Escape

The Crate Escape

With all the benefits of a 60-minute pet sit, our Crate Escape service gives your pet a chance to enjoy more of their daily routines. We’ll treat your pet to plenty of play time, cuddles, super long dog walks, basic grooming, light conversation, enrichment or just free time in their own home. It’s perfect for crated dogs who need a leg stretch, anxious pets who could use some extra enrichment or older pets who need more attention. These extended visits can also be spaced into your longer trips to give your pet(s) a little more snuggle time in your absence. Fancy dinner and a movie? We’re happy to bring take out and spend our time curled up with your pet. This personalized service is focused on providing your pet with the human companionship and a little normalcy while you’re away.

*Due to the length of time required for service, times are limited to 9AM-6PM

120 Minute

$52per visit

  • Bathroom break
  • Cuddles, sweet talking, tummy rubs, ear, butt scratches
  • Feeding pets following your instructions
  • Scooping or change of cat litter
  • Mail, newspaper and package collection
  • Securing and double checking locks
  • 120 mins spent with pet
  • Small household duties
  • Plant or garden watering
  • Curbing/returning garbage or recycling
  • Light and blind rotation
  • Daily notes about each visit
  • A good walk or play time
  • $2 each additional pet