There are a few reasons why we can’t really advocate for putting your cat in a silly costume. For starters, they are usually made of cheap materials and have little pieces on them that come off easily and could be a choking or digestion hazard.

It is also important to understand that cats rely on more than just their sight to help them navigate their worlds. Many costumes obscure their paws or whiskers, which are important sensory features. Having these impaired would be like walking around with ear plugs in or too-dark sunglasses on. This can be stressful for your cat.

However, it is true that many cats really don’t mind a silly costume. If yours doesn’t fight you when you try to put it on, they’re probably going to be okay. Consent is everything. Just please watch out for those little parts.

Here are a few cats looking like they are absolutely hating their costumes, which admittedly are pretty funny.


  1. There’s a mew Sheriff in town.
  2. “The mane I understand, but was the fan absolutely necessary, Karen?”


  1. Writes himself a prescription for catnip just to take the edge off.


  1. “Halt! Have you seen the human who dressed me in this ridiculous getup?”

  1. “Just remember, she cleans up your poop.”


  2. “You know, I just kind of assumed there’d be more fish.”


While we won’t dress your cat up in a silly costume (at least not without the expressed consent of you and the cat!), we will certainly take very cute photos of them for you and send them to you. You’ll be able to access them at any time with our easy-to-use app system, which works on Android and iOS devices.

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