Considering hiring a pet sitter for the first time?
Uncertain as to what length of visit time you should be scheduling for your furry family members? Well, here are some hints to help you with your decisions!


Every pet’s needs are different. If you have more than one pet for your sitter to look after, please consider their individual needs and be sure we can fit everything into the time slot you reserve. An initial visit should take a longer amount of time for the sitter to gain an understanding not only of your pets, but of your home and environment- you know your pet better than we do, and we want to learn! Please also consider that it will take the sitter some extra time to complete all of the tasks as quickly as you may. Keeping your online profile complete and up-to-date keeps us from searching for the instructions we so desperately need to keep your pets happy and your home secure.

Some of the duties the sitter may be tending to that should be taken into consideration:

  • Checking your home to ensure everything is in order (Do you want plants watered? We also like to bring in or take out your trash/recycling bins!)
  • Reviewing our mobile app to clarify your pet’s needs as you have listed in your profile, including whether a dog is to be walked, feeding time, medications that need to be administered, playtime, etc.
  • Taking adorable photos of your cuties to send to you!
  • If your dog needs to be walked, incorporating an adequate amount of time to get a satisfying hike and a good nose workout.
  • Any playtime you’d like to be included in the visit
  • Medication prep and administering.

Bull City Pet Sitting offers the following visits for vacation pet sitting clients: 15-minute, 25-minute, 30-minute, 45-minute, and 60-minute visits, as well as overnight visits. Typically, the 15-minute visits are reserved for cats, tiny puppy potty breaks and for “last out” potty breaks for adult dogs who have longer visits scheduled during the day. Sorry, we aren’t able to provide 15-minute mid-day dog walks – there’s just not enough time to adequately exercise your pup!

The 30-minute visits are the cornerstone of visits for vacation pet sitting and extend to cover morning, afternoon, and evening pet sitting visits. These visits are good for dog walks, and feeding/playtime. 30-minutes will give your pup a good walk or your kitty some play and cuddle time, and still leave time for feeding routines. The 45-minute visits are great for dogs who need a longer walk and cats who need more face time.

45-minute and 60-minute visits are ideal for the first initial visit (either your pet’s first visit or a particular sitter’s first time meeting your pet), or if you are away and your pet needs more people time and/or play time (i.e. if they are young or just get lonely easily). These longer visits can really help reduce your pet’s stress levels while you are away.

The Crate Escape is a 120-min visit that can be completely customized to give your pet a chance to enjoy more of their daily routines. We’ll treat your pet to plenty of play time, cuddles, super long dog walks, basic grooming, dinner and a movie, enrichment or just free time in their own home. It’s perfect for crated dogs who need a leg stretch, anxious pets who could use some extra enrichment or older pets who need more attention. These extended visits can also be spaced into your longer trips to give your pet(s) a little more snuggle time in your absence. Some timeframe limits may apply.

For vacation visits, it’s important to also schedule extra time during the day so your pet has a potty break and gets the necessary social interaction that they’ll be missing in your absence. Remember that, in all probability, your sitter will be the only person interacting with your pet while you are away. So, if your pet does get anxious, scheduling more visits during the day is important to help keep your critter feeling calm and happy.

Bull City Pet Sitting understands a dog’s need to get off the pavement and work that nose now and then so we have added a brand new service to compliment our vacation pet sitting packages. We are now offering Trail Walks on Durham’s very carefully selected, dog-friendly trails. 90-min Trail Walks can be added to your pet sitting services for added enrichment. These are best utilized if scheduled in the middle of your trip to break up the duration of your absence.

Are you taking Fido on a roadtrip but would still like someone to visit your home? Then our Goldfish Service is perfect for you. While you’re gone, we’ll pop in for a quick visit to grab your mail, newspaper and check for packages, rotate the lights, rattle your blinds, water the plants, say “HEELLLOOO??” really loudly, perform our best impersonation of a large dog barking, and if you have one, actually feed your fish.

Bull City Pet Sitting is committed to providing the most complete care for your pets and home when you aren’t there. Your input is vital and helps us help you! If you have any further questions about scheduling services, you can always contact us directly.