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GREENfacebook-600x400-300x200It’s that time of year again! May 16th is the annual APS Walk for the Animals. This is the largest fundraiser of the year for The Animal Protection Society of Durham and of course we are helping to sponsor yet again! In fact, we’ve upped our sponsorship level this year because supporting the great work of the APS is so important to us and the animals of Durham. Did you know that the APS lovingly cares for more than 6,500 animals per year? Please help us help them and join Team Bull City Pet Sitting! Our advanced sponsorship level allowed us 6 free registrations, meaning that four of our sitters aren’t even on our team yet!

  • You can register yourself and do your own fundraising – so easy to send a few emails to your friends and around the office.
  • You can register your favorite sitter.
  • If your favorite sitter is already on our team, you can sponsor her.
  • If you love a bunch of us, you can sponsor our whole team.

Whichever way you decide to be involved, we really hope you will. The lost, abandoned, abused, neglected and deserving animals of Durham are counting on you. We’ll be announcing a prize package for the highest fundraiser via our Facebook page in the coming weeks. Secure donations to Team Bull City Pet Sitting can be made here. Don’t let us down – plus, we really want to show our community that BCPS clients and friends have the biggest and most generous hearts. You do, you know. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be reminding you again in the coming weeks.