Renee Dubois owns magical dogs with springs in their feet so she knows how to handle the handfuls. As our most senior sitter, Renee has seen BCPS through many changes. When we have something we need organized or a schedule we just can’t quite work out, we call Renee.  Her attention to detail is such an asset to the BCPS infrastructure. Loves to brew beer.

Pet Sitting in Durham

AKA: Ha! As if I’d share my aliases publicly.
I’m in charge of: walking, spoiling and loving dogs. And sometimes cats. Minus the walking.
Since: March 2012
Sign: Taurus
Breed: Lab mix, I have tons of energy and am easily distracted.
My Furry Family: Domino is a bossy black and white cat who rules the upstairs with an iron paw and Dunkel (a black and white lab/pit mix) and Maibock (a brindle boxer/hound mix) are high energy dogs who keep me active, usually followed by some snuggle time on the couch.
My Favorite Walk: a new neighborhood every day.
My Favorite Place to Nap: naps are for the weak.
My Favorite Treat: mint chip ice cream.
My Favorite Game: Merchants and Marauders.
Best Toy Ever: Laser pointer. Dunkel and Domino both try to chase it while simultaneously avoiding each other.
Best Thing to do on a Sunny Day: brew a batch of beer in the backyard with my husband, Jesse.
Best Thing to do on a Rainy Day: baking adventure time! Will it be cookies? Will it be bread? Will it be edible? Let’s find out!
Best Gift Ever: the Dyson DC41 Animal, our most-used wedding gift.
My Super Power Would be: flight. And probably super-strong skin, organs and skeletal so I could fly at crazy speeds without liquefying myself.
Life Philosophy: Have a meticulous memory for the good things and an absentminded memory for the bad ones.
If I Could Say One Thing to the Whole World it Would be: *stutter incoherently in stage fright*
The Animal I Fear Most: sharks with laser beams.